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MyTunesRSS is your personal media server. Do not pay for storing your music, movies, TV shows and photos in some cloud storage but simply keep it at home. Access your media from anywhere in the world with any internet PC or mobile device. All you need is a web browser. You can of course also simply use it at home in your own network without any internet access.

There is so much you can do with MyTunesRSS like downloading playlists and streaming the music to your favorite music player like VLC, WinAmp, Windows Media Player or iTunes. Download single tracks, movies, TV shows and photos or even complete albums or other collections. Or simply play your music right inside the browser. No need to download and permanently store all the media files on the client computer. Your 8 GB iPhone can now play all your dozen GB music library wherever you like and without wasting a single byte of memory on the phone. MyTunesRSS has built-in support for social networks. You can easily share your favorite music and videos on Twitter, Facebook and the Last.FM community. For your UPnP DLNA enabled TV or other device you can also use the built-in Media Server to browse and play your media.

You can use the server for yourself only or create multiple user accounts for example for your family members or friends. You can assign individual permissions to the accounts, restrict them to certain parts of your media library (e.g. restrict access to suitable movies for your children), enforce lower quality streams, limit the amount of data an account can download per day, week, month and much more.

Since all you need is a browser you can use a Mac/PC or any other device with a browser for browsing and playing your music. You just have to keep in mind that some devices like the Wii have rather old and outdated browsers and might not support all features of MyTunesRSS or might not work at all.

MyTunesRSS is written in Java which means that it runs on virtually any modern platform like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. There is an installer version for Windows and Mac OS X and a platform independent version for all other systems. The platform independent version can of course also be used on Windows or Mac. MyTunesRSS runs out of the box and does not need any additional software except for a Java runtime version 7 or better. The Windows installer can install it for you and the Mac OS X version also comes with a bundled version of the correct JRE. Since the administration of the server is browser based as well, you can run MyTunesRSS on servers without any display. Experienced users can replace the default database MyTunesRSS uses to store its data with a Postgres or MySQL database. If you are a programmer you can create your own client in any programming language and use the remote API to access your server.

MyTunesRSS can be used free of charge. Just download the software and get started in a matter of seconds.

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Mac OS X application v6.8.2
Windows Setup v6.8.2
System independent archive v6.8.2

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MyTunesRSS iOS App

The MyTunesRSS iOS app brings first-class place-shifting to your iPhone or iPad. You can listen to songs and watch videos from your iTunes library on the iPhone without copying them to the device. Virtually carry all your media with you all the time. No matter how big your iTunes library is and how much memory space you have left on your iPhone or iPad. No need to sync your library when you add new items. You can also browse your complete photo library online.

MyTunesRSS iOS App in the iTunes App Store

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MyTunesRSS Server

MyTunesRSS is your personal media server. First-class placeshifting. Enjoy your music, movies, TV shows and photos from all over the world.

MyTunesRSS iOS App

Get the native experience on your iPhone or iPad with the iOS app from the iTunes App Store.