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MyTunesRSS v6.8.2

July 13, 2015

MyTunesRSS is your personal media server. Access your music, movies, TV shows and photos from any internet PC or mobile device. There is a native app available in the AppStore for the iPhone and iPad. Create RSS feeds, download playlists, single tracks, movies, shows, photos or any collection of those, e.g. a complete music album. Browse and play your music or movies right inside your browser or iPad/iPhone without permanently downloading and storing them on the device. The same works for browsing your photos as well of course. Why pay for storing your data in some cloud when you can simply keep it at home.


MyTunesRSS iOS App v4.3.3

March 18, 2015

A native iPhone and iPad interface for your MyTunesRSS server. You can use it with your own MyTunesRSS server. Stream your music and videos even when the app is in the background, so you can for example read a book or browse the internet while listening to your favorite music. Please do not forget to rate the app if you like it.


News and special information

MyTunesRSS at GitHub!

September 30, 2015

After nearly 10 years of development and support MyTunesRSS will not be maintained anymore. The full source code is available on GitHub now. Please feel free to fork the project and build your own releases.

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MyTunesRSS demo server

With the MyTunesRSS demo server you can have a look at the product right now without any download. Just visit the demo server and login with the demo credentials displayed on the front page. The demo user has limited access to only some features. You see real information about track names, albums, artists, etc. On playback or download you get some randomly chosen royalty free music.

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Jazz at Lincoln Center adopts MyTunesRSS for music library sharing

February 26, 2010

MyTunesRSS has been successfully introduced at Jazz at Lincoln Center (JALC) for digital music library sharing. It was selected from the pool of music sharing tools because of its advantageous features and overall usability.

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Easy network configuration with Yoics

Although MyTunesRSS has become easier and easier to setup already there are still a few pitfalls when it comes to firewall and router configuration, especially when you want to access your server from the internet. If you feel uneasy configuring your firewall and router or you do not want to open incoming ports for security reasons, you should have a look at Yoics. They offer a clever solution which allows you to share any service without the hassles of network configuration.

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MyTunesRSS Server

MyTunesRSS is your personal media server. First-class placeshifting. Enjoy your music, movies, TV shows and photos from all over the world.

MyTunesRSS iOS App

Get the native experience on your iPhone or iPad with the iOS app from the iTunes App Store.